Our Story

We don't only make the world’s most portable solution to laziness, anxiety and insomnia, but through research and advocacy, we promote a better mental health to break the cycle of being unproductive and not to lose more opportunities.


The Path To A More Fulfilling


Finding something you can use everyday to help you manage your mood is not easy and even for us, it didn’t happen overnight. It started with a continuous research and discovery due to not having good sleep for years and years and not being able to accomplish most things during the day. It took a lot of work to come up with the most convenient, portable and highly-effective device that will end all these dilemmas.


Why You Should Invest In a Mood Shifter?

There are various reasons why the Mood Shifter is an incredible investment for everyone, especially students struggling with their sleep schedules and productivity, and those struggling with procrastination, anxiety and insomnia.



The motivation process it activates inside your brain can help you be much more active throughout the day, get much more work done, and automatically feel better at the end of the day having completed your to-do list.



It helps ease anxiety. It can be an ideal anxiety-relief right before an important event or day, or even to treat constantly occurring anxiety and lack of focus in an individual.



If you suffer from insomnia and have to be consistent with prescriptions, the Sandrii Mood Shifter is a more economical and safer purchase as it is only a one-time investment and is extremely long-lasting, saving you medication costs and side-effects in long-term.

Transforming Communities

Each Sandrii. Mood Shifter is produced with the utmost design and function that is extremely safe. We created a unique device that will help end self-harm, suicides, violence, sleepless nights, to name a few. With the power of your palm together with our exceptional device, you can now live a better life.

We make sure we give back to community to support our main goal not just by introducing our device but by helping people affected by Mental Illness worldwide through NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness), UFGMH ( United for Global Mental Health) and WHO (World Health organization) for every purchase of our product.

Providing a solution to various problems while helping people who are experiencing the same always promotes a good community.

Healing while helping? That is Sandrii.

- End your agony.

- Switch your mood.

- Change your life.


Your Purchase Supports
Mental Health

A portion of proceeds will be donated to NAMI (The National Alliance On Mental Illness), to create support and awareness.